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Top 5 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

Why wait around for luck to come your way when you can make your own! With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start preparing your house for some leprechaun visitors. So, go grab some shamrocks, chase after that pot of gold, and get ready to deck out your house in green. Here are some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day DIYs that will bring the holiday spirit to your home:


1. Stacked Luck Sign

st. patricks day craftsLet’s get shamrock-ing with this oversized wooden wall décor! This wooden cutout is available at Pinspiration Craft Studios, or you can glue together your own wooden letter and shamrock cutouts! For a more festive vibe, go all-out with various shades of green, gold, and black. Or you can even turn this into a tribute to the Irish by incorporating their flag colors: green, white, and orange. Display your sign on shelf, lean against a wall, or hang with a frame mount!





2. Mason Jar Vases

top st. patrick's day diysWelcome the luck of the Irish into your home with these festive mason jar vases! You can make the Jar Crate craft at Pinspiration, or simply clean out pickle jars and get to work. All you need to do for this craft is to paint the jars with festive colors (shades of green and white) and decorate with shamrocks, polka dots, or other patterns. Feel free to jazz them up further with glitter or 3D decorations. To finish, fill with gold coins, greenery, or flowers in coordinating colors to your jars. These decorative pieces are perfect for your dining room table or any flat surface that needs a little holiday spirit.



3. Festive Tassel Garland

best festive holiday decorYour friends and family will certainly be green with envy after you make this St. Patrick’s Day craft. Spruce up your wall or fireplace mantel with this simple but effective holiday décor. To make the tassels, grab some colored tissue paper of your choice (aim for various shades of greens and a pop of gold or silver) and cut it into rectangular strips. Keep in mind that the length of the tassel will be half of the length of the strip. Next, assemble all your strips together and fold in half so the ends meet. Afterward, take one strip of tissue paper in the same color and wrap around the base of the tassel, leaving a loop at the top. Glue, staple, or tie off the wrapped piece of tissue paper to keep it looking polished. Now, just repeat until you have as many tassels as you desire. To complete the craft, simply string a piece of rope through the loops of your tassels and hang.


4. Pot of Gold Candles

easy holiday home decor There’s no need to chase after rainbows when you can create your own pot of gold candles. Choose any glass bowl or candle holder of your choice, but make sure that there is some wiggle room between the candle and the wall of the glass. To begin, choose a green or white candle, or mix and match your candle display with both colors. Then, place the candle in the center of your glass container, leaving plenty of room around it to add in your decorations. Next, make the craft holiday appropriate by surrounding your candle with green and gold objects. From dried split peas to plastic gold coins, let your imagination run wild with the endless possibilities. Wrap the glass with a black or rainbow ribbon for a finishing touch.


5. Decorative Frames

st. patrick's day easy home decorLooking for the fastest way to add a little luck to your home? Then this decorative frame craft is the perfect one for you! This St. Patrick’s Day DIY is the easiest of the bunch, only requiring some paper and a frame. Upcycle an unused frame lying around your house or pick up one from your local craft or dollar store. Once you have the frame of your choice, all you need to do is cut your paper down to size and decorate. Print out a festive quote, design, or hand draw your own masterpiece. Just make sure if you are using any ink or paint to ensure that it is completely dry before placing into your frame.


Which crafts are you going to make to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day? Be sure to post your holiday craft creations and tag Pinspiration on social media! We would love to see your creative spin on them.