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The Best DIY Kitchen Decor

Whether you are cooking up a homemade meal for the holidays or just a typical Tuesday-night dinner, food has always been a meaningful way to bring people together. The sense of love that food brings should be reflected in your kitchen’s decor – right? While you could head over to a local home-goods or furniture store to buy some kitchen décor, DIY crafts are a fun and cost-effective way to add a more personal touch. Here is a list of our favorite simple yet impactful DIY kitchen decor ideas.


1. Farmhouse Cutting Board Kit

diy kitchen craftsMake the expression “home is where the heart is” come to life with this rustic kitchen décor piece. To make this craft, you will need a wooden cutting board, a wooden “home” cutout, a house and small heart cutout piece, wood stain/paint, paint brushes, and glue.

  1. Start off with your cutting board. Leave the board as is or feel free to distress, stain, or paint. This step is the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity. You can stain your board to match your kitchen cabinets or even paint it to fit your home’s color scheme. The options to customize are endless! Let completely dry when done.
  2. While your cutting board is drying, paint/stain the laser cut “home” and house pieces. We recommend painting them a contrasting color from the cutting board so that they can stand out. Once again, let completely dry.
  3. After all of your pieces are dry, you can now assemble. Take your “home” and house pieces and arrange onto your cutting board. Once you are satisfied with their placement, glue them down into place.

To display your cutting board masterpiece, simply prop up on your kitchen counter or hang.


2. Chalkboard Menu Wine Bottle Shape

homemade kitchen decor ideasCheers to this fun décor piece that is certain to be a crowd pleaser. Whether displayed at your next cocktail party or as everyday décor, this oversized wine bottle adds a playful touch to your kitchen. To make this craft, you will need a jigsaw, 3/4″ thick plywood (at least 30″ high and 10″ wide), blackboard paint, and chalk.

Hint: No jigaw? Come on in to a Pinspiration location and we will provide you with the cut and sanded bottle for customizing!

  1. Trace a wine bottle shape onto the plywood – we recommend making your wine bottle about 29″ tall. Use the jigsaw to cut out the bottle. Sand the edges until smooth.
  2. Paint the bottle with your blackboard paint.
  3. Once the paint is completely dry, finish off your craft with a wine menu or a handwritten message in chalk.

To display, lean against a wall on your kitchen counter or use keyhole hangers for easy display and change up the message as you like!

3. Utensils Wall Décor

top kitchen decor art Nothing screams “Bon Appetit” more than this utensils wall décor. The set includes a fork, knife and spoon. This simple craft may be quick and easy to make but it sure packs a tasty punch. To make this craft, you will need a jigsaw, 3/4″ thick plywood (in whatever size you want your utensils to be), wood stain/paint, and paint brushes. Optional: embellishments and collage paste/hot glue.

Hint: No jigaw? Come on in to a Pinspiration location and we will provide you with the cut and sanded shapes for customizing!

  1. Trace the shape of your utensils onto the plywood – you can make them any size to fit your wall space. Use the jigsaw to cut out the shapes. Sand the edges until smooth.
  2. Begin your craft with your plywood utensils. Since they are already sanded smooth, all you need to do is simply paint, stain or decoupage them. Allow to dry completely.
  3. After your utensils are dry, feel free to decorate with glitter or other embellishments if you so desire.

These utensils can be displayed vertically or horizontally. Use keyhole hangers on the back for easy display.


4. Wall Mounted Beer Opener

diy kitchen decor ideasRaise your glass to this fun yet functional wall décor DIY. This amazing conversation-starter is perfect for your next gettogether or as a quirky everyday design piece. To make this craft, you will need a wooden plank, wood stain/paint, paint brushes, venue letters for your chosen quote or saying, a kraft stick, a metal, mountable bottle opener, screws, and a screwdriver.

  1. Sand your wooden plank and drill holes at the top where your opener will go.
  2. Paint your wood plank’s background and sides. Let completely dry. Optional: if you want to achieve a more rustic feel, distress the painted board with sandpaper. Gently scratch off the top layer of paint to allow hints of the wood to peek through.
  3. Next, select your vinyl quote/design. Once selected, remove the top layer of paper to reveal the sticky side of the vinyl letters and shapes. Place the sticker upside down onto your board. Make sure you are happy with the orientation of your design as you will be unable to reposition it later.
  4. After properly positioned, rub the vinyl with a kraft stick to transfer the design to the wood. Be sure to remove all bumps and air bubbles.
  5. To finish, use a screwdriver to attach the metal opener into the pre-drilled holes with the screws provided. Ensure screws are secured tightly.

To display, hang your beer opener up by your fridge, bar cart or on any free wall.


Be sure to post your kitchen décor creations and tag Pinspiration on social media! We can’t wait to see your creative spin in making these DIY crafts come to life. Dozens of crafts like these are available at Pinspiration locations – stop by to make the custom kitchen decor of your dreams without all the supplies, cleanup, and hassle!