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Top 5 DIY Easter Crafts

We are in the full swing of spring and better yet, it’s almost Easter! There is no better way to welcome this holiday into your home than with some fun and easy crafts. So, go hop along now, you’ve got some DIY-ing to do! Here are some of our favorite Easter DIYs that will surely impress the Easter Bunny himself:


1. Countdown to Easter Calendar

best DIY Easter crafts Who isn’t counting down the days to Easter? Every aspect of this calendar is completely customizable. All you need for this craft is a wooden board (approximately 36″ x 24″), wooden lettering and bunny cutouts (available at most craft stores), paint, paint brushes, glue, and any optional decorations. USe chalk when done to mark the number of days on the bunny!

  1. Start off with your wooden board. It can be painted or stained, decoupaged, glittered, and/or decorated with any number of creative techniques. Let it completely dry when done.
  2. While your base is drying, paint your wooden lettering and bunny cutouts. Let paint completely dry.
  3. Lastly, gather up all of your pieces and assemble! Simply move the components around until you have your desired layout. Then, glue the pieces onto your base. Let the glue set and dry.

This craft is also available at Pinspiration, where we provide supplies, tutorials, helpful staff, and cleanup!

Display your Countdown Calendar at a focal point in your house where it can be easily viewed by your whole family!


2. Sharpie Easter Eggs

DIY Easter craft ideasAin’t nobody got time to sit down and dye traditional Easter eggs! Not to mention all of the mess and cleanup required. But don’t worry, we’ve found the perfect substitute for those of us who want to be festive but also time efficient. To make some untraditional Easter eggs of your own, all you need are white eggs and Sharpie markers. To create, simply take your Sharpie marker (you can go colorful or stick with the classic black) and draw your design onto your egg. Your design can be anything from simple shapes and patterns to intricate doodles or calligraphy. The options are limitless, so design your eggs to reflect your personality or aesthetic. Make sure to let the Sharpie dry completely before handling as you do not want to smear the ink and ruin your design.


3. Bunny String Art

homemade Easter decor craftsShow off your love for the Easter Bunny with this cute string art décor. To make your own bunny string art, you will need a wood board, paint brushes, wood stain/paint, 1.25-inch nails, and embroidery thread.

  1. To begin your project, take a paintbrush and paint/stain your board if desired. You can keep the board one solid color or opt to paint a design/pattern. Let completely dry before proceeding.
  2. Go online and print out a rabbit stencil or create your own using a piece of paper. Once you’ve selected your stencil, cut it out and position on top of your board. After you align your stencil to your desired location, tape it down onto the board.
  3. After your stencil is in place, hammer your nails around the periphery of your stencil. Keep your holes about .5” apart and leave 50% of the nail sticking out of the board. Remove the stencil upon completion by tearing it off the board.
  4. Next, start wrapping! Take your desired string color and double-knot one end of it to any nail on the board. Once you have your anchor point, you may proceed to cross and twist the rope through the center of the pattern. Remember to loop the string around every nail you bring the string across to. Keep the string taut as you wrap but don’t pull the string too tight as it will strain your nails and cause them to pop out.
  5. Once your design is as filled with string as desired, knot off the remaining string and trim the cut off the loose end.

Easter string art can also be created at Pinspiration – check out our string art projects here.

To display your Easter string art masterpiece, hang up on a wall or set on a shelf!


4. Easter Egg Mason Jars

spring holiday craftsWelcome spring and Easter into your home with these festive mason jar vases. To make this craft, you only need a few simple supplies: mason jars, paint, and paint brushes. Begin by painting the jars with festive colors such as pretty pastels. To imitate an Easter egg pattern, create horizontal layers of various patterns such as stripes and polka dots. Feel free to alternate between different paint colors as you go. If you want to add a little more pizazz to your mason jars, you can also decorate them with glitter or 3-D decorations after the paint has dried. To finish, fill with fake grass, Easter eggs, flowers, or candy. These decorative pieces are perfect for your dining room table or any flat surface that needs a little holiday spirit.


5. Easter Bunny Mask

festive Easter DIYsLast but not least are these whimsical bunny masks that will add a touch of playfulness to your Easter celebrations! To create this holiday craft, you will need white heavy card stock paper, pink craft paper, black craft paper, cotton balls, glue, scissors, elastic string, and pipe cleaners (whiskers!).

  1. Start off by printing out a bunny mask template online. There are a variety of options available from full-face to half-face options, so choose a template that best suits the wearer.
  2. Once you’ve selected your template, trace the pattern onto your white card stock paper and cut out. Make sure the eye holes are larger enough to fit your eyes. If not, adjust accordingly by cutting larger holes.
  3. After the base of your mask is complete, take your pink craft paper and cut out two tall, skinny ovals for the ears. Glue into place.
  4. Next, cover your mask with cotton balls to mimic a rabbit’s fur. Ensure that the eye holes and the pink craft paper are not covered.
  5. Then, glue on the pipe cleaners to create whiskers. You can create as many as you wish; however, we suggest around three per side or a total of six whiskers per mask. Glue the whiskers onto your mask and hide the attachment site with another cotton ball.
  6. Lastly, glue a piece of elastic string to both the right and left back sides of your mask. Make sure to cut the string long enough so that it fits around your head and there is enough extra to tie. Remember, cutting the string too long is always a safer bet than cutting it too short.

These Easter Bunny masks are perfect for any photo opportunities during your Easter festivities, so snap away!


Which crafts are you going to make to celebrate this Easter? Be sure to post your holiday craft creations and tag Pinspiration on social media! We would love to see your creative spin on them.