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Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Toddlers are energetic live wires full of imagination. What better activity to channel that creative spirit into than crafting? No matter their gender or skill level, expressing oneself through art is an amazing experience for young children. In addition to being a fun hobby, crafting helps promote many important social and motor skills that are vital to their development. So, let’s get your kids’ hands dirty! Here is our list of our favorite craft ideas for toddlers:


1. Blank Canvas Painting

fun toddlers activitiesThere is no craft more classic than a blank canvas. This craft not only has unlimited potential but is also the best option for toddlers who want the freedom to create whatever they please. They can feel free to paint something freestyle or copy a design or object. You can choose to set up a paint studio in your home or backyard, or visit an art studio like Pinspiration that will provide the supplies and clean up.



2. Cotton Ball Painting

fun kids craft ideasIf normal painting is a little too standard for your toddler, switch things up with this new and fun alternative way to paint. This kids craft idea is perfect when you’re low on craft supplies and you just want to grab some supplies from around your house. To set up, you’ll need a muffin tin, various paints, cotton balls, and clothespins. Pour the paint into the different muffin tin holes and create your own at-home paint pallet. Next, to create the “paintbrushes”, simply attach the clothespins onto the cotton balls. Place one cotton ball wand into each color, and get to painting! Your toddler will have fun stamping, wiping, and dabbing the cotton ball wands all over their paper!


3. Mug Decoration

easy kids crafts ideasThis kids craft idea is not only super easy to make but is also completely customizable. Available as one of the Rainbow Playdate activities here at Pinspiration, all you need for this craft is a plain white mug and oil-based colored permanent markers. From rainbow polka-dots and stripes to their name, there are endless possibilities of how your toddler can design their mug. Remind your child to be careful when drawing; the marker ink can tend to smudge if your child accidentally rubs against it while it’s still wet. Bake in the oven on 350 degrees for about 30 minutes to “cure” your mug afterward! Let it cool in the oven, and then your mug will be handwashing safe!



4. Dyed Tile

top toddlers craft ideasTake your toddler on a time warp back to the 70s with this psychedelic craft. This craft is available as one of the Rainbow Playdate activities – or, you can try it out at home!  All you need is a plain, white ceramic tile, rubbing alcohol, and alcohol inks. To begin, coat the surface of the tile in a thin layer of rubbing alcohol. Then, let your toddler drip ink onto the tile in whatever colors and design they choose! Each drop will spread and bleed, creating a fun, unique design. Once complete, set aside to dry completely.



5. Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

top toddler craft ideasBring out your child’s inner adventurer with these cute and simple binoculars. All you need to create this craft are two plain toilet paper rolls, paint, glue, and any decorative embellishments. To begin, paint the outside of the two toilet paper rolls. Once the paint is completely dry, help your child glue the two rolls together in order to create the binocular shape. Hot glue works best, as it dries most quickly. The best method is to create a straight line going from top to bottom on one of the rolls, and then attaching it to the other one. Set aside the binoculars until the glue is done drying. After the glue is set, now is the fun part – it’s time to decorate! Let your toddler’s imagination run wild as they embellish their binoculars with anything from dry pasta noodles to beads and gems.


Be sure to post your toddlers’ craft creations and tag Pinspiration (@pinspirationaz) on social media! We love seeing how imaginative you all are, and your ability to transform these craft kits into original masterpieces.