Best Adult Birthday Party Venues in Phoenix - Henderson

Best Adult Birthday Party Venues in Phoenix

Look at you – another year older, another year wiser, and another year ready to celebrate. You want to make your birthday a blast for your guests, but with so many birthday party venues to choose from in Phoenix, it can be a little stressful trying to pick one. We’re making it easy on you by curating a list of our top Phoenix adult birthday party venues that will be sure to take the cake. All you need to worry about is who’s bringing the candles.


1. Pinspiration 

adult birthday party venuesGrab your best friends and prepare to get messy at Pinspiration! Pinspiration is the ultimate birthday party venue for the artsy type. In the Main Art Studio, you and your guests can get hands-on by creating your own DIY craft. There is a plethora of fun and unique craft options to choose from such as painting wine glasses, string art, and acrylic pouring. All the crafting supplies and instructions are provided, so all you need to bring to the party is your creativity. They also have a VIP room available if you prefer a more private and intimate event.
If you’re looking for something even more unique, Pinspiration also offers the Splatter Party Package. Splatter guests gear up in full-body protective paint suits, goggles, hair nets, and booties. Then, they fling colorful (or even glow-in-the-dark) paint on a canvas to create their own Jackson-Pollock-inspired masterpieces.

Pinspiration offers a Drinks and Bites menu that has a variety of snacks and alcohol options. To get both your party started and your guests’ creative juices flowing, check out the menu’s unique selections such as a Cupcake-Prosecco and a “Red Velvet” red wine. To learn more and book reservations, click here.


2. The Lavatory

best birthday party place ideasGet your cameras ready because this birthday party venue will give you the opportunity to take as many insta-worthy photos you wish. The Lavatory is the perfect venue for trendsetters looking to host their birthday somewhere unconventional. This interactive art exhibit of sorts features an abstract sculpture gallery, two “Claymation” photo booths, and their grand spectacle: The Pit. Kick off your shoes, put on some socks, and get ready for an experience of a lifetime. Watch as they drop 120,000 glow-in-the-dark balls onto you and your friends, burying you alive in the best way possible. Swim around, dance, and take as many pictures as you want, because why not? It’s your birthday, of course! Make sure to buy your tickets in advance and if you’re looking for an exclusive experience, they also offer private parties and ball drops. For more information, click here


3. Arizona Party Bike

top adult birthday placesThis fun and literal spin on bar hopping is a unique way to transform your Phoenix night out on the town. Boasting itself as a “pedal-powered party bus on steroids”, you and up to 14 other party guests can bike around on a “pedal tavern” for an Old Town Scottsdale pub crawl. Each pedal tavern is equipped with a premium sound system and LED lights, bringing the night club to you. Additionally, you can even bring your own alcoholic beverages on board if you’re not looking to blow a ton of money on drinks at the bars. Take charge of your night by pedaling to your favorite bars or have your guide take you to some of their top hotspots. This moving birthday venue will definitely set your party apart from the crowd because who wants a typical party bus anyways? To learn more and book your bike, click here


4. The Grid: Games and Growlers

birthday party venues phoenixPrepare to channel your inner geek and get ready for a night filled with retro nostalgia. At the Grid, you can eat, drink, and play your birthday away. This unique “barcade” is stockpiled full of your favorite pinball machines, video games, and billiards. With over 500 different games, there is definitely something there for everyone. They even have every game system from the original Atari 2600 up to the current generation Xbox and PlayStation! While you’re playing the night away, don’t forget to check out the bar as they’re known for their special variety of craft beers. Plus, every night they have live music from local DJs and bands that will keep your spirits as high as your game scores. To learn more, click here


5. August Karaoke Box

phoenix adult party venuesAre you the next American Idol? Whether you can sing or not, you can at least pretend to be a superstar at August Karaoke Box. These luxury private karaoke rooms are fully equipped with the latest karaoke technology such as state-of-the-art projectors, vocal speakers, amplifiers and mixer systems. Not to mention the rooms come with 60″ LED TVs, wireless microphones, and a 19″ touch screen system. With over 11 different room themes, you can choose a room that best suits your personality and aesthetic. Furthermore, with up to 30 people per room, you have plenty of space to celebrate your big day with all of your close friends and loved ones. Sing the night away to over 140,000 songs available in a variety of languages. To make things even better, you can bring your own alcohol (depending on the time of day)! To learn more and book a room, click here



Traditional birthday party venues can get boring, so don’t be afraid to explore a variet of options. The purpose of the party is to celebrate you, so choose the venue that best suits your unique personality and interests. No matter which option you choose for your birthday party, the memories made there will be sure to last a lifetime.